Rhonda Sivarajah


Anoka County Commissioner

Hello Neighbors,

It has been a true honor to represent you on the Anoka County Board of Commissioners.

Under my leadership as chair of the board we have:

  • Reduced the county levy over the past several years-- What the county collects from taxpayers for the county portion of your property taxes is almost the same as what it was back in 2010.
  • Paid down $50 million worth of debt-- In addition, we have gone three years without borrowing a single dime.
  • Streamlined and rightsized county government using private sector models in order to ensure that each dollar is spent wisely and efficiently.
  • Improved the overall quality of our county road system. Over the past several years we have invested at record levels in our roads and bridges.
  • Restructured our mental health system in order to provide services to more people effectively and efficiently.
  • Expanded services available to our senior population in order to meet the growing needs.

I am proud of the work we have been able to accomplish on behalf of you, the citizens of Anoka County, and want to continue to work for you.

That is why I am announcing my plan to run for re-election as your county commissioner.

It is truly a privilege to serve, and I will continue to work to represent this district and the citizens of Anoka County to the best of my ability.

I humbly ask for your vote!

Warmest Regards,

signature of Rhonda Sivarajah

Anoka County Commissioner

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